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Mobi-fix is made of POLYCARBONATE. The Mobi-fix pieces are assembled by polycarbonate injections. This high resistance material guarantees a long-life for your charging support and so ensures that you will be able to use the Mobi-fix during a very long-time.

With its excellent shockproof, the polycarbonate is famous to be used for motorcycle helmets.

Also, its transparency caracteristics are exploited for sight glasses and headlights car.

CONCEPTION QUALITY : Thanks to its experience in product development, APCards selects the most adapted materials for the final use , and defines manufacturing parameters respecting the selected materials quality. The tools conception obeys the same rules (steel choice, modes of injection, cooling systems…).

Durability test and shockproof test of assembled materials are made by means of specific tools.

FABRICATION QUALITY : Manufacturing  are launched according to precise parameters :raw material preparation, tools temperature increasing, systematic elimination of first injected pieces, self-monitoring according to plan and to specific quality range.



MobiFix range