Which ever kind of phone your mobile is*, Mobi-fix changes any electric socket  into a robust, attractive and reliable support wherein your « dear » smartphone will be secure.
Mobi-fix prevents your phone from falls and damages.

*smartphone up to 80 mm width.


The « genius» of Mobi-fix comes from its adaptability with all electric sockets (from A to N plug types). Indeed, the Mobi-fix is universal and special features of sockets do not stop its use. This is one reason to be THE perfect charging support. Mobi-fix will adapt to all sockets at home, in office, hôtel.
Furthermore, every smartphones can be supported by Mobi-fix, the Iphone as well as the Galaxy and others.


Raymond Loewy, a famous french designer and also creator of the BP, SHELL, COCA COLA, NEW MAN logos had a maxim « ugliness is hard to sell ». The developers of the Mobi-fix, believing in it, have created a practical and useful product, but also aesthetic. Arthur Reboul Salze, a young parisian designer got to invent its look, a sleek style that seduce automatically custumers.

Mobi-fix as your charging support can stay (if you want it to)on the electric socket that you identified as the most « strategic ».

You will never have to look for your mobile phone again!! Very quickly, you will put your phone in this support, without even needing to charge. Only because you know that, there, it is safe and risks nothing !!



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